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Do students make money affiliate?

Do students make money affiliate?

Do students make money affiliate?

Making money with affiliate marketing today is not easy, but it is very difficult due to the web’s saturation and the enormous competition. Then, of course, we need to distinguish what is meant by making money. Raising a few coins is one thing. A salary or more is something else.

Much, however, depends on the approach you have. First of all, if you really want to make money with affiliate marketing, you must have your own website or blog, produce unique and quality content and do web marketing. If you do not have the financial means to promote yourself, you must train yourself rigorously and invest time.

Devouring articles on the subject and if you can some online courses does not hurt, but leave the self-styled gurus who sell you courses for 2 or 3 thousand euros promising you who knows what earnings, run away from them. There is nothing easy to make real money, and it is also right that it is.

Students can earn affiliate money because of the following steps.


One of the monetization methods for your blog/site is the so-called affiliate sites, third-party services, or direct companies that offer rewards based on the sales we generate through our work.

The mechanism is very simple: you subscribe to the various portals that offer this opportunity and request advertising for a specific product. In case of acceptance, a personal code is provided in which each sale generated by us guarantees an economic return which can be a percentage of the sale price or a fixed amount. At this point, we must emphasize that there are two different types of affiliations: sites that offer external services to which we must guarantee their registration or sites that offer the direct sale of products in which the final purchase is required. The latter is the case of Amazon Affiliate, the most famous service of this type that allows you to get up to 10% of the cost of the product that we can sell through our site.

Affiliations are currently one of the most popular online earning methods thanks to a clever mechanism that, until a few years ago, allowed several users to earn thousands of dollars a month with Facebook creating targeted Facebook ads.

No clients to deal with

Yes – affiliate marketing allows you to make money online without having to deal with customer support issues because it is the company that sells the products that have to deal with the customer.

All I do is get my commission back and go try and sell another subscription.

Now, of course, I need to “deliver value” to my reader (to make them a customer), but we’ll talk about that later.

You are not paid by the hour.

Another huge benefit of affiliate marketing is that you don’t get paid by the hour.

You get paid when you sell products, and because of how affiliate marketing works, you don’t have to sell the product yourself. You are not moving to sell. It is your website that sells the product.

All you have to do (as an affiliate marketer) is get people to your website and then convince them that the product is right for them. The rest is not your problem.

This is not the case with a freelance writer/agency, for example. With this business model, you always get paid by the hour, which means you have to show up or you don’t get paid.

Your earning potential is unlimited.

With affiliate marketing, your earning potential is limitless.

Indeed, as I said just above, it’s not you selling the product, it’s your website.

You can be asleep, on vacation, or drinking with friends, but your website is still live, people can still visit, and people can (and will) buy the products you recommend.

You can earn money wherever you want

Do you want to pack your bags and go to work on the other side of the world?

Yes, you can afford it, and if your business is big enough to support you full time, you can go for a long time however you want.

You bring “value” to your customers.

It’s not really a “benefit,” but it’s something that needs to be said;

Although you don’t have any customers to deal with in affiliate marketing, you still have to provide a “service” to people to make money.

The service you provide is information that you must provide at the highest level possible.

It’s your job to do research, it’s your job to build a website that attracts people, it’s your job to bring people to your website and convince them to buy what you have.

I hope these five reasons will inspire you to get started in Affiliate Marketing.

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