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Content Marketing Writing – How To Succeed At It

Content Marketing Writing – How To Succeed At It

Mastering the writing of marketing content is a necessary skill in our time, especially if you work on the Internet or intend to work at a later time, this skill may be the only necessary skill for any Internet marketer,

Mastering this skill will save you important sums of money that you would have spent on purchasing content in case you weren’t proficient in it.

Imagine, that buying an exclusive article of 3000 words in foreign content may cost you up to $ 90, you can imagine that you create a site in foreign content with a plan to buy the content instead of creating it,

Imagine the amount of money you could have saved if you were proficient in writing content marketing.

Writing marketing content is not something significantly different from regular writing, but the difference may be that you will need to know some initial data that will help you target effectively.

Such as the target audience or the age group and many many important data that you must know how to collect and analyze.

These data will be crucial to the success of your marketing content, so you must focus on them in addition to doing adequate research on the subject area in which you will write.

In this article we will learn everything we need in order to start applying this skill and reach the stage of mastery, God willing, and as you know, there is nothing you can succeed directly or between day and night, but everything can be succeeded in it with work, perseverance, patience and continuity, and in our topic today, success is in writing. Persistent and trying to develop its methods, the method of analysis used, and your own research method,

What is content marketing

In our time, and in light of this rapid communication between people, the world has really become like a small village. They are in the same country or not provided they have an internet connection.

With the continuous increase of Internet users and reaching 4.1 billion people, it has become one of the important marketing channels that do not have a hard time, and entrepreneurs are competing in this arena in the hope of taking the largest share of the market,

Marketing methods varied in this arena, but one of the basic methods and techniques here is content marketing or marketing content promotion, etc.

Of course, content marketing varies and branches into more specialized methods and methods, which we will learn about in the context of this topic. Including marketing using search engines, whether by paid or free methods, or marketing through social media platforms and in many ways and methods.

Also, the types of content that is marketed through it may come in the form of an article, a video clip, an image, or an infographic.

The importance of content marketing

Content marketing has become the most used method in the internet arena because of its importance and benefits that can move your project from failure to success, as happened with many companies such as River Pool, which was on the brink of bankruptcy until it started a content marketing campaign through a site they were interacting with Through him with a large base of potential clients,

Of course, after the clients discovered that the company had great experience and knowledge in preparing swimming pools, and after 6 months, these customers turned into buyers, and the company started selling its services and products and was able to escape from bankruptcy.

There are many stories that come like this that show you the importance of content marketing, as it allows you to build a list of followers, who would turn into buyers later.

In addition to other capabilities that characterize the content marketing field, including:

  • Successful content helps you interact well with your customers
  • Build your brand awareness and credibility
  • Successful content greatly helps your site to top the search engines and thus reach more potential customers
  • Reduced costs and increased sales if successful
  • Loyal customers
  • Content is the present and future for success in any electronic project
  • The fact that 4.1 billion people use the internet makes you realize the importance of content marketing

Content Marketing Requirements

Although we know that marketing through good and well-arranged content is something that can be done for free, we do not mean the material costs of creating good content,

It is true that the process of buying content is financially expensive, but we want to update the costs that you must pay when you create content. These costs are:

  • Time: You will need time to be able to come up with distinct and useful content for you and your customers
  • Effort: The content creation process is simple, but it is not quick and it requires you to research effort in order to be able to present good content
  • Possessing and mastering some skills to some extent, in blogging you will need the skill of writing, but in video clips, you will need to be proficient in montage or photoshop in case the content is pictures.
  • Having some important technical skills for you to create the platform on which you want to share your content, such as creating a website or managing social media platforms
  • Continuous presence on the internet so that you can in turn interact with your customers and those interested in your content
  • Continuously producing content and making effort at this point, as continuity is the key to success.

Uses and formats of marketing content

There are many methods of content marketing, some of which are done on websites, including on the YouTube platform and some on social networks, and of course these methods branch out into more specialized methods,

For example, you can search for marketing methods through Instagram, and you will find many ways and methods, but in general, marketing on Instagram depends on publishing content in the form of pictures or short videos and interacting with followers.

The methods and techniques vary depending on the content used.

1-     Blogging

Blogging is one of the methods that are used in content marketing, especially since companies have recently tended to market content, because of their desire to build a customer base by targeting their ideas and educating them about the services and products that they provide to their customers.

For example, RiverPool, a company specialized in equipping swimming pools using fiberglass in the beginning, did not get the customers and the company to go bankrupt if they had not started a marketing plan by marketing content, educating their customers and building credibility about their brand, and after only 6 months the company became on the rise and they were able Of success, and here we realize that marketing through blogging can be the key to success,

Every business must have a successful marketing plan, and sometimes the plan is simple and inexpensive and requires you only to a website.

There are many sites that contain blogs specialized in the same field in which they work, and you find that the site’s orientation is a commercial activity, but they have a blog that contains topics on the same field that reflect their experience and the product of their experiences in this field and thus obtain hard currency and here we talk about credibility.

Sometimes the barrier to success is not enough credibility.

2-     Video clips

Marketing using visual content is one of the most popular methods, especially for individuals, and the reason for this is the presence of large platforms such as YouTube, Snapchat, and to a lesser extent Instagram, which represent a great opportunity for success.

The services and products that are marketed using visual content vary. You can market yourself as an expert in a field, or you can market by making reviews for some products. This does not mean that you cannot do an article review, but it depends on the type of product.

A phone, for example, it is better to review it, either the camera is about a specific program or software, you can review it by writing an article about it, (each product has different characteristics from other products).

Success in creating visual content will enable you to build credibility at an incredible speed. Just as we see that just being famous on a platform like Snapchat is enough to make you one of the highest paid advertisers,

It is not a condition that the celebrities advertise reliable products, unfortunately, we see a lot of manipulation by celebrities just to urge their followers to buy a product or service, indifferent to what will happen to buyers if these products are bad and of poor quality,

Certainly, doing such a thing would damage the advertiser’s credibility.

But on YouTube, we see that this type of advertisements are less, and the reason for this is the conditions imposed by the YouTube administration, not like Snapchat, through which you can broadcast whatever you want.

On YouTube, we see that the most famous content creators provide good, thoughtful, flowery content, not spontaneous and impulsive, like Snapchat.

3-     Photos and infographics

Marketing using images is an old and traditional method that existed even before the existence of the Internet, but with the advent of the Internet, image marketing has moved to another level and this reflects the importance of this field and its feasibility for companies and individuals alike.

In general, image marketing is the best method in the case of using social media platforms, as the images are shared among individuals in a very large way and it may be the highest ever, especially if we are talking about the famous Facebook platform.

As for infographic, it is an image that contains information about a product or service, and it is in a simple and smooth way and easy to understand by the reader, and thus you find its use widely spread, this method may be the most widespread due to its low costs.