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Does it easy to start Email Marketing?

Does it easy to start Email Marketing?

The first marketing email, sent in 1978, generated $ 13 million in sales and spawned one of the most widely used marketing channels to this day.

It is marketing focused on email as the main channel to promote a company’s products and services. It offers you the possibility to educate your audience about your brand’s value, inform them about news about your services, and keep them interested in your company. 

What is email marketing for companies?

  • To build relationships: Email creates links through personal interaction
  • To generate brand recognition: Through the mail, you can get your company and its services to position themselves as the first option among your prospects when they are ready to interact with you.
  • To promote content: Email marketing strategies share relevant blog content or useful materials with your prospects and thereby generate a promotion of this content.

Advantages of Email Marketing

It helps you build strong customer relationships. Your customers want to know what you’re thinking about them. They want to be aware of the latest happening in your business. Obviously, it is almost impossible to reach all of their customers by phone, not to mention that it would be a time-consuming task. That is why email is a fast and effective way of communication to use with your clients.

Make it easy for you to develop a unique personality for your brand.

Email marketing is an excellent method to produce a novel personality for your brand. It gives you a direct line to the inbox of your clients or potential clients, from which you can send periodic updates; This gives you a great opportunity to create a unique voice, style, and image that you will convey to your subscribers with each send.

It makes you an expert in your industry.

As a small business owner, you are likely to be viewed as a local or regional expert when it comes to your area of ​​business. One way to consolidate this identity in the minds of consumers is to continue to position yourself as an expert by creating and disseminating quality content.

Allows you to make efficient use of your time and budget

In a small business, there are terms and funds limitations. Sure, anyone would advertise in the Super Bowl, but we know it’s not a profitable option for most small and medium-sized business marketing budgets.

The design of a licensed email marketing operation is not complex or time-consuming. Sending emails to a large number of users is also very beneficial.

It helps you build your credibility as a business.

One of the biggest hurdles a small business has to overcome is building its credibility.

The reason people rely on big names is largely towards reputation, and it has a lot to do with brand-recognizing marketing – they are familiar with brand names; therefore, they trust more.

How to take your first steps with Email Marketing?

Before overwhelming you with the wide variety of possibilities that email marketing offers, we will explain the main aspects so that you can create an excellent email campaign with all the necessary bases and that will undoubtedly delight your customers.

Know the structure of an email marketing plan

Each of your buyers gets 121 emails every day. That means that if you don’t take the time to develop a strategy, your emails will get lost in inboxes packed with messages, or worse, they will end up in the spam folder.

Suppose you review one or several texts that talk about email marketing, like this one. In that case, you will discover how to create an effective email strategy in which you will send messages to really interested users. The first aspect you need to know is the plan or scheme you must have to make a marketing strategy.

Define your audience

Email is only effective if it is relevant. Understand what they’re looking for and tailor your email operations based on their requirements. An email is only useful if it is applicable. Understand what they are looking for and create your email operations based on their needs.

Set your goals

Before developing your campaign goals, gather a little more context. Research the average email statistics in your industry and use them as benchmarks to set your email marketing campaign goals.

Email rules that you must respect

Another important aspect to consider, former to launching your campaign, is the email standards that establish the needs of consumers to know how and why their information is used. Nothing matters to us more than fulfilling what our clients and potential clients want.

CAN-SPAM regulation

Technically, CAN-SPAM is the acronym for “Control of the Attack of Pornography and Unsolicited Marketing.”


GDPR compliance goes hand in hand with inbound methodology in the business world,” said Brian Halligan, CEO of HubSpot.

The main objective of the GDPR is to offer customers the right to choose; they are the ones who should choose to receive your emails, your news, or your products. And that is precisely what inbound marketing is based on.

How to analyze your email marketing results?

After you have implemented your marketing strategy, carry out your analysis with one of the methods that we mention below, and do not hesitate to include the use of tools specially designed for email marketing:

A / B testing

This is the step-by-step process to carry out A / B testing of your emails:

  1. Select one variant at a time; For example, try the subject line, CTA, or images.
  2. Create two versions of the email: one with the variant and one without it.
  3. Allow your emails to be sent simultaneously for a specified period.
  4. Analyze the results and store only the version that performed best.
  5. Try a new variant and repeat the process.