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Profit From Clickbank Step By Step – With Or Without A Website – 2021

Profit From Clickbank Step By Step – With Or Without A Website – 2021

For sure, you heard about the profit from Clickbank before by marketing its various products, which give you high commission rates of up to 90%,

It is a percentage that is rare to find on other affiliate websites, and one of the distinguishing things about this website is the presence of a huge number of products that you can promote and get good commissions through,

Although high commissions are an attractive thing for marketers to deal with this platform, there are some caveats that we will recognize in the context of this topic.

There are many success stories in marketing electronic products and reaping huge profits estimated at thousands of dollars a month, this website can change your life 180 degrees in terms of material income if you follow the right methods that do not harm and deceive your customers,

It is possible that you deceive your customers and make them make purchases of inferior products, thinking that they are useful to them, but what you lose is a big thing in front of your little money, and we will detail that later in the context of the topic.

In this topic, you will know how to succeed in marketing Clickbank products without a website or through a website in detail, and let’s start with an overview of Clickbank.

What is Clickbank?

Clickbank website is one of the most important and famous affiliate websites that big and small marketers deal with, and this website offers up to 12,000 products in various specialties and the common denominator between them is that they are electronic products only, such as CDs, services, software, and courses in various fields.

In fact, these products vary between the good and the bad, and the reason for that is that the website is not the one who created these products to promote them on the Internet,

But these products belong to individual producers who raise them on the website wanting to have a team of marketers to promote their product and get a small and fast profit, and they do not care about the credibility of the product.

In return, the platform receives a commission from them for every sale made through the website, as it provides them with a payment and retrieval service and a product offering service to individual affiliate marketers.

Despite the presence of bad products on the website, Clickbank is still at the forefront of affiliate websites that marketers deal with, and the reason for this may be that Clickbank provides statistics for each product in the store,

Through it, marketers can choose the product, determine its quality and its popularity among customers, and we will explain these statistics in the context of this topic.

The website was established in 1998 and it is a private company that ranks 87th in North America over the past 22 years.

The pros and cons of Clickbank

As the regular visitors of the comla online blog know that in the blog we offer everything clearly and do not sell illusions to our dear readers, and as it is evident that everything, whether good or bad, has positives and negatives, but the difference lies in which of them overwhelms the other and here we are talking about a famous website Offers good chances to profit from it:

But is the website selling inferior products??

Yes, unfortunately, he sells inferior products that do not offer any benefit to customers, just a way to take their money for free.

If the website sells poor products, how can it be a reliable site??

In fact, Clickbank is a reliable site. There is no doubt about that. There are many marketers who work on it and get their money up to date.

But in order to avoid promoting inferior products, you must learn the way in which you can choose a reliable product and promote it, and this is what we will learn in the context of this topic, so it is important that you continue reading until you are aware of all the details that may cause you damage to the reputation of your website and this thing you You don’t want it but rather you want to get credibility to the last extent.

Advantages of Clickbank

  • Fame and credibility in handing over money
  • There are special statistics for each product that shows you how useful the product is to the customer
  • There is a 60-day return period available for every business who purchases a product from Clickbank
  • Ensure your right from the seller to deliver your profits to you, so you can act as an intermediary between the seller, the marketer and the customer
  • Often the commission is above 75% and sometimes it reaches 90% or more, which are very excellent rates
  • The presence of some products that can sell internal additions to the customer, and this will make you earn more money
  • The possibility of making marketing on this website as your main source of income
  • Continuous updates that sellers make to their products, which are reflected in the benefit provided to the buyer (only some products, but not all)
  • The ability to create a custom link to track clicks and conversions from within the system itself.

Cons of Clickbank

  • Unavailability of multiple funds withdrawal methods, as Payoneer is the only method for non-residents of the United States
  • The presence of some inferior, absurd products that the owner uploads on the website just to deceive people
  • The lack of multiple sales pages for each product, and this may be the reason for the low conversion rate
  • The 60-day return period is against the interest of the seller and the marketer
  • You may face difficulty choosing the right product due to statistical terms that are difficult to understand, and we will explain them in detail later in the context of the topic.

After we got acquainted with the negatives and the positives, we can see that the positives overwhelm the negatives strongly and that is why we find Clickbank still at the forefront of affiliate companies for electronic products despite the negatives that we have learned about, so if you are hesitant to work with Clickbank let me tell you that this website deserves it.

Register to ClickBank

Signing Up for ClickBank Is Very Simple and Straightforward.

Click “Create Account” In the Top Menu.

Fill in Your Name, Phone Number, E-Mail Address.

Accept the Terms and Conditions and Join ClickBank!

When you register, you will be greeted with a short video presentation, followed by an invitation message “you want to get ahead of the game?” You Might Want to Learn How to Use This website Thoroughly, But It Is Actually an Invitation to ClickBank University Paid Training Course. Which Is Great, But It Won’t Be Really Cheap.

Marketing methods and profit from Clickbank without a site

Before you start marketing Clickbank products on Facebook, you must first study the good products currently available and find out if they are suitable for Facebook members, and we will learn how to find a good product later in the context of the topic.

And exploring the available products will expand your knowledge of what are the appropriate products for marketing on Facebook, what we mean is that each product falls under a specific niche or field.

This topic should be of interest to Facebook members, and to discover that, search for groups and pages that are interested in the same field, then you will have found the market in which you will promote, and the more pages and groups on Facebook, the more you know that this product is suitable and has a greater turnout.

In short, this process is finding a niche. You may find many niches, and you do not have to adhere to a specific niche as long as you promote the appropriate product in the appropriate group or page, unlike promoting using a website, you need a specific niche and then adhere to it.

In fact, profit from Clickbank without a website can be done, and although there are doubts about some methods or platforms, here we will mention the most feasible and true ways to profit from Clickbank

Paid ads

Paid advertising is one of the most effective ways to promote Clickbank products, but it is very expensive, especially when advertising on Facebook or Google, and for your information, one person managed to win millions of dollars only by promoting using Facebook alone.

Social media platforms

Social networking sites have become a basic and main pillar when talking about e-marketing, how not and through which you can share your publications on various levels such as videos, pictures and articles, these methods have become very common and effective in marketing,

Despite the different platforms that can be used in marketing, each platform has its own advantages and disadvantages.

A platform such as the Instagram platform is very suitable for marketing, especially if you want to market products to develop technical work skills such as the skill of carpentry and sculpture, there are many courses represented in Clickbank and we find that they are promoted by uploading carpentry videos, for example on Instagram.

It is a very targeted and effective method, as everyone who will follow you on your account specializing in carpentry content, for example, will be interested in this field, and when you put a product link that will teach them how to do such work then you should expect high conversion rates.

In general, Instagram is a good opportunity to profit from Clickbank without a website.

Another excellent platform is the YouTube platform. This platform enables you to upload video clips to reach the largest number of viewers. Using this platform, you can promote many products in various fields using your videos.

It may be majestic to appear in front of the camera, but YouTube is one of the very effective methods in marketing, and one of its drawbacks is that you will need distinct visual content to succeed, and who among us does not know about the amount of effort and fatigue that will afflict you while you produce videos to publish, but in spite of that it remains The YouTube platform is an excellent marketing platform.

There are many platforms that you can use for marketing, such as Pinterest, which is interested in infographic publications, and which summarizes the topics for you in a short and simple way.

But if you are looking for a comprehensive platform that enables you to promote through images, videos or articles, here let me tell you that you will not find such a popular Facebook platform, this platform gives you advantages that you cannot find in other platforms such as creating a page or creating a group.

Imagine, dear reader, that you own a special group for weight loss and weight loss with 10,000 people, in this case you can promote them without any effort, perhaps one picture with your affiliate link may suffice.

In addition, Facebook enables you to publish in various groups related to the field of the product that you want to promote, and this constitutes unlimited opportunities for marketing.