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Top 5 Affiliate Marketing Tips For Beginners

Top 5 Affiliate Marketing Tips For Beginners

In this article, you will find a set of basic information on how to start your affiliate marketing journey.

Affiliate marketing – simply put – is an online marketing method in which merchants pay commission to people who promote their products or services efficiently.

This type of marketing has become one of the most popular ways to make money online for a simple and clear reason:

“This method really works and you can make a lot of money from it through your website or blog.”

While many companies or businesses have many barriers to getting started, whether in terms of financial resources or the in-depth knowledge needed to start, affiliate or affiliate marketing stands tall among the crowd as one of the best simple and cost-free means of making money online.

First: Choose only trusted affiliate or affiliate marketing companies

You may have heard that what made affiliate marketing successful is the suitability of this type of marketing for all interested parties.

However, you may have also heard that it is a completely fake (fraudulent) method and you cannot help but lose your hard-earned money all those years.

And here we are telling you, both claims are partially true.

For example, among trusted and proven affiliate marketing programs and networks, there are many (we mean quite a lot) of scammers who want to take advantage of your effort without giving you anything in return.

To avoid this, don’t let yourself fall into the easy and quick money trap.

If you are really serious about your business from your website or blog, we hope that you forget this nonsense called quick money or money that will bring you jobless via the magic lamp.

There is nothing in the world called quick money or money without effort or fatigue, although affiliate marketing is known to be – indeed – somewhat comfortable, but it does not provide a shortcut to making money overnight.

What you should remember is sticking to programs of reputable affiliate companies with a solid position – among competitors – in the market.

Proven and reputable affiliate or affiliate programs won’t attract you – with easy financial promises and they won’t expect you to pay to join.

They benefit and make a lot of money whenever you market their products and whenever people buy these products from your website, so their goal is to deal with the largest possible number of marketers, and if you look at it, it is profitable – to a large extent – for both parties.

Second: Choose affiliate programs in the field of your website

Now that you know the difference between proven affiliate programs and fake ones, it is time to think about the niche in which you would like to be active.

First, pick up topics that you feel really excited about writing about. It is definitely recommended that you write about something you are passionate about to make this a comfortable start for you.

And don’t forget to check if there is money in your domain or not. If your current field does not have money (this is rare, but it does happen), then you should search for a new field, otherwise you will not be able to profit through affiliate marketing.

Most importantly, you need to decide whether it is better for you to work with independent affiliate programs or with large networks.

Any of these methods have their pros and cons, but it will definitely be difficult for you to effectively combine them together on your website.

Whereas, affiliate marketing companies like (Shareasale) are suitable for affiliate marketers who do not have any specific strategies.

We suggest that you choose the affiliate marketing companies in which you market with a specific software or program, and this is if you want to work independently on a large scale.

Software companies usually pay you a higher commission, due to the value of the software they offer.

Although it may take a little more effort to find a customer to purchase this software, the revenue coming from these deals is unmatched by any other networks.

More importantly, some software companies sell recurring monthly licenses to their marketers, and thus will offer you fixed recurring commissions every month!

Some companies give a percentage of up to 20% as long as the customer who brought it is still using this program. And while some licenses are worth $ 50 a month per customer, some are as high as $ 1,000 a month.

Now it is easy for you to calculate the type and size of the income stream that you can generate by using – only – this model of affiliate marketing.

Third: Create a website

Although the previous points have talked about the general approach to affiliate marketing, this point is about taking an action that you should not hesitate to take! It is the creation of your own website.

Of course, there are several ways to become a successful affiliate marketer without a website, but we definitely recommend creating one as this will make your job a lot easier.

However, creating a website or blog is easier than you think. The whole process is very convenient and can be summarized in four key points:

  • Buy a domain for your website.
  • Buying and setting up hosting for your website.
  • Installing WordPress.
  • Install an attractive WordPress theme for your site.

And there are many hosting companies, such as BlueHost, that offer offers for packages through which you can get domain and hosting services immediately and at very cheap prices.

After that, all you have to do is install WordPress (a content management system) and choose a custom theme for it, and this detailed article will show you the steps titled 4 practical steps for creating a professional and successful blog.

From here you will be able to set up your website within one hour. You will be able to demonstrate your affiliate marketing efforts and your services will look more professional and professional.

Fourth: SEO is the key

This point largely depends on the affiliate marketing niche you choose to participate in.

Different areas may include different promotional techniques and strategies.

What we can suggest that you do regardless of the area of ​​affiliate marketing program you have chosen, is to focus on: creating high-value content and improving your SEO.

Once you find your domain and create a website, you need to create valuable, high-quality content for the reader.

Whatever you post on your website, it should not only be beneficial to your readers, but your SEO should be optimized as well.

Yes, SEO! … such as keywords, search engines, website rankings, etc.

Feel a little confused? Well, it is natural to feel a little overwhelmed as a beginner in the affiliate marketing industry.

Fifth: Add valuable content and promote it

Optimizing your SEO is important to rank high in Google and attract potential customers’ attention.

However, the content that you write on your website should maintain its quality and keep attracting visitors continuously until these visitors turn into customers for the products or services that you sell as an affiliate marketer.

Popular ways to promote marketing offers include …

  1. Writing honest product reviews.
  2. Promotion on social media.
  3. Email Marketing.
  4. And to provide unique discounts and special offers.

The most important thing is not to advertise your product too much. Impulsive promotion is one of the most common mistakes that “beginners” make.

In short, you don’t want to sound like a regular advertiser. You want your product to appear everywhere without you and your ads showing it everywhere.

For example, you want your readers to share your product with their friends on social media, and thus your product will appear to many people without it appearing that you are the one who “forces” people to see your product.

And remember, ads do not sell products themselves, and ads are usually the last component of an entire strategy.

So, focus on providing an in-depth explanation of a problem and suggesting ways to solve it. Affiliate marketing professionals call this method “pre-sale content.” This is what you should focus your efforts on.

Make your content real and original, move away from imitation and copying, and make a distinctive imprint in your writing style for your articles, you want to enrich the reader, not forcing him, and then use different marketing techniques and strategies to promote your product.

And finally… Affiliate Marketing is one of the fastest developing electronic industries right now. Its annual growth rate (CAGR) increased by 10.1 percent between 2015 and 2019, reaching a whopping total of $ 6.8 billion.

So, it is clear and certain that this activity is large enough for everyone to get their share.

With the right approach, some dedication and dedication to work, even a junior or a beginner in the affiliate marketing field can earn some money and make a steady income from this field.