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Right Content: How Do You Choose The Right Content?

Right Content: How Do You Choose The Right Content?

You cannot choose one type of marketing because it suits your budget, or because you prefer it over the other, there are many things that you must take into consideration when choosing the type of right content that you will use in marketing, including:

1. The right content target the audience

The audience you target with your product or service plays a big role in choosing what content to share. It is important to realize that gender, age, and even geography is important to choose the type of content, Red Bull loves to use video marketing because it provides content to athletes and fans of adventure and risk, because it is the best type, better than publishing articles or designing infographics, or even providing e-books.

2. The type of product or service matters in the right content

In addition to the importance of the target audience, the product you offer or the service, it is very important to know what content you will provide. The blender maker (Blendtec) has discovered that posting fun and funny videos about its mixers is more rewarding than any other type of marketing so the company began to cut marketing expenses and go to post videos on YouTube that show the challenge that mixers are able to grind anything (like the experience of grinding an iPhone) 6 Plus with Mixer), the videos became very popular on YouTube and significantly boosted corporate sales.

3. Right Content Take into account the stages

The stages in which customers know your product influence the type of content they choose. At the beginning of your journey to boost your brand awareness, focusing on videos is more effective than focusing on written content. And when you are launching a new product, the use of images will make a big difference in the success of your marketing strategy.

Some of the tools that are used to improve the content

  • Kissmetrics: Provides analysis and data of visitor behavior on the site, even after the visitor has become a customer.

Google Analytics: The tool reports, measures the impact of mobile and phone networks on web traffic, and measures conversion rates.

  • Woopra: helps website and app owners track visitors across multiple devices and build comprehensive timelines for each user.
  • Zuum: a social media analytics tool that gives you reports on the content of your competitors and influencers.
  • Alexa: The site gives you data about your site’s global and local ranking, and about the ranking of all other sites whose data you want to know.
  • Moz: These tools enable users to monitor social networks and manage SEO campaigns.

How do you apply it all in your work?

It is true that content marketing has become one of the most popular trends used by marketers to attract customers and increase sales, but it does not work unless you have a clear strategy that is consistent with your company values. Here are steps to help you create a content marketing strategy:

Make a plan; You should define the needs of your company before deciding which content to use, whether to use one or more types, and why? Will it be of benefit to your business? Create a plan to choose the content that works for you.

Know if you have a single homogeneous audience or an audience from multiple sectors? What role will your content play to bring that cohesive audience around your product? It should work to ensure that your experiences and the information you have cover the solutions to the public’s problems and concerns, and be carefully designed to answer their questions, needs, and concerns.

Start developing content that matches your business values, the needs of your audience, and search engines (create an SEO optimization plan).

Start publishing the content so that you set a schedule for that, the platforms you will use, when will the articles be published on the blog, how many articles per week, will you use social networks, and what are the appropriate networks for that?

The content you provide should convince your customers that you are the best problem-solver in your industry.

Make sure to update the content frequently to help raise your site’s ranking on search engines.

Experts believe that the biggest challenges facing companies’ owners regarding content marketing is the lack of sufficient experience in the field or the time required to produce the content that helps them achieve their commercial goals, if you think that it is time for you to start using content marketing in your marketing strategy, and that you are facing challenges As these prevent you from making progress in your business, you can use the services of professional content creators via an independent platform.