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Email Marketing – The Most Important Way To Make Profit

Email Marketing – The Most Important Way To Make Profit

Despite the diversity and renewal of electronic marketing methods, there are still old ways and methods that still prove their effectiveness in this regard, and perhaps the most important method is email marketing or Email Marketing.

For example, we see that the current trend is marketing through sales funnels, which is a good way to get the largest possible return from the customer or visitor who clicks on the link of one of them.

These cones are on a series of pages, each page has a specific task to do, and usually the first page is dedicated to obtaining the e-mail of the visitor, and then the pages and offers that are heaped on the visitor.

Some cones are specially designed to get the largest conversion rate, and indeed the conversion rates through them reach large numbers, but regardless of all this,

There is a common denominator between all types and designs of these cones, and all or most of them have a special section or page for getting e-mail.

Especially when the customer clicks on the links for the first time, and if he gets to enter his email address then he will get promotional messages in the inbox.

These messages are very diverse, some of them come in the form of articles, suggestions, or even other marketing funnels, and not all of them are aimed at marketing products and services, but they are in one way or another a method of communication with potential customers.

There is a saying in Western content that every customer must see your product or service at least 7 times in order to get a sale or purchase through it, and this is what paves the way for e-mail marketing.

Although email marketing is one of the oldest methods of marketing, it is still used as the primary marketing method for digital marketing professionals.

How is that and money not on the list as marketing professionals say, and that also reflects to us the importance of email marketing?

What is email marketing?

Email marketing, as it appears from its name, is a method by which email messages are used to market your services, products, or even your blog.

And in it, communication with the customer is done directly and not like what we see in marketing through search engines or marketing through YouTube, as there is a mediator between you.

Email marketing requires that you obtain a mailing address in advance to operate, which means that you must obtain it through one of the other marketing methods.

Thus, we can say that email marketing is not a suitable method for beginners who are still trying to impose themselves in the world of digital marketing, but this does not mean that they are not interested in this field.

Thinking in a long-term strategic way makes it imperative that they collect the postal addresses of visitors to their sites or viewers of their clips from the first day, as many stresses the point.

The reason, of course, is that it will constitute a large percentage of the income that you will get from the Internet, and no one wants to leave the money they can get if they install a simple addition that enables them to collect postal addresses from the first day.

Collecting postal addresses is not limited only by the presence of a website or channel on YouTube, but there are other ways by which you can collect postal addresses, and we will learn about them later in the context of this topic.

The importance of email marketing

What if we told you, according to the sources, that the famous Google site gets 25% of North American surfers, and this gives us a somewhat close-up of the global average.

Well, what about Facebook! What is the number of active users monthly? The answer, according to the sources, is 2 billion 700 million monthly active users.

Well do you think that these platforms are important in digital marketing, of course the answer would be yes, especially with such high traffic rates.

But what about e-mail?! Do you know how many e-mail addresses are in the world? Do you know how many users are for e-mail services of all kinds, whether Gmail, Yahoo or others?

In fact, without lengthening, the sources indicate that at the beginning of 2019 there were 3 billion and eight hundred email addresses, which is nearly half of the world’s population, and there are those who expect the number to increase to 4 and a half billion email addresses by 2024.

Given these statistics, it is self-evident that we find very great importance in e-mail marketing, and we also find that it may be the most important among all other methods and methods in the world of e-marketing.

In one way or another, the owners of YouTube channels always strive to increase the number of subscribers to them, and the same is true for the owners of groups or pages on Facebook always wanting to increase members and groups.

But what about website and business owners who are constantly looking for potential clients, is it worthwhile for the business owner to contact them and search for them?

Or is it better for him to collect their mailing addresses through his website, page, or channel, to have a mailing list that is an important marketing asset that still imposes itself despite its old.

Marketing assets are varied and numerous in the world of e-marketing, such as a website, Facebook page, or Instagram account.

And perhaps the best of all of them is an interactive mailing list, we do not mean a list that contains 100 thousand subscribers, but they can only be 1000 members, and it is possible to find that you get more returns than you get on your account or page on one of the communication platforms Social.

But this is a rough talk and it depends on the type of niche you work in. For example, let’s talk about the profit niche from the Internet, we find that one marketer who has nearly 14,000 members on his list has managed to win $ 6,000 thousand, and the niche he works in is the profit niche from the Internet.

Email Marketing Methods

Email marketing methods are limited to the type of messages you will send. The messages may be marketing and perhaps informational, but it is natural to continue sending messages and not to neglect your list.

As we mentioned, it is preferable to set up threads of messages that are sent automatically and that can be varied in terms of subject matter and content.

You can dedicate a special article exclusively to your subscribers, and this will make them feel trusted in your field.

Let’s get acquainted with the methods and methods that are often used when sending liquid mail, namely:

Send mailing newsletters

Mailing newsletters are one of the oldest topics that are sent via mail to subscribers and usually they are about topics from your website and are not required to be exclusive.

And it may be in the form of a simple excerpt from the topics that you have published with a direct link to the whole topic on the site, which means that you get visitors from your mailing list.

And it may be ideas for exercises or food recipes for those interested in the sport of bodybuilding in case your niche is as well.