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The complete guide for beginners to selling Click Bank product 2021

The complete guide for beginners to selling Click Bank product 2021

The complete guide for beginners to selling Click Bank product 2021

What is Click bank?

Click bank as one more affiliate network. But unlike traditional affiliate platforms, Clickbank serves as a marketplace for both product creators and affiliates, so they can make money from both promoting others’ products and selling your own products.

How does it work?

Click bank is the middle man between content creators and the people who can sell it, such as affiliates.

Depending on what part of the market you are, click bank fulfills one of two functions:

For affiliates or sellers.

As a seller or affiliate, click bank is free for you. In an effortless way, you can create as many links as you want to promote thousands of content and information products within the platform.

For creators.

In this case, you are part of the Click Bank product database. They take care of billing customers and the entire process, apart from creating an affiliate program for your content.

Click bank Pros:

  • Exciting offers to promote (75% commission for most)
  • As a content creator, you can sell in all countries.
  • Various offers with recurring income that you can sell.
  • You don’t need technical knowledge.

Click bank cons:

  • Lots of competition, on popular products
  • It is challenging to know which product works best for you if you do not invest in paid traffic.
  • You need a robust email marketing platform to manage your affiliate products.

Step by Step

To earn money with Click bank. First of all, you need a solid product in demand in the market and create a funnel that speeds up the conversion of the visitors you will receive.

How to make money with Click bank

How to choose the right product to promote

One of the best ways to make money with Click bank is to start as an affiliate, promoting products that have optimized pages and where we can build an initial sales funnel.

Just like we do a keyword analysis and SEO, when we create content, the same we have to do with a product that we want to promote with Click Bank, it is essential to choose a good product with good content. It doesn’t matter whether or not you’re suitable at promoting a product. What matters is that the product is excellent, and you start generating your first sales.

Metrics you should understand at Click Bank.

Initial $ / sale: The average amount of money affiliates earn per sale.

Average% / sale: The% of affiliates at the sale price take as an average commission.

Severity: number of affiliates who sold this product in the last three months.

Avg Rebill Total: Average of $ affiliates take from the recurring commission.

Average% / Rebill: the average of $ paid as recurring.

How to find a winning product?

The choice of the product is the essential part of the sale. You must take into account:

  1. That the initial offer is low and that it has at least 2-3 upsales.
  2. Offering a free webinar or similar.
  3. That they have a landing with video and valuable content.
  4. That your product has good reviews, that it has a testimonial section.
  5. That the “Severity” is greater than 20.

How to do it right and generate your first sales

You must give or offer valid reasons why that user should buy that product. Reasons that speak both to the emotional part of the brain, as well as to the rational part, if you do it, you will convert between 4-6 times more than any other Click Bank seller, for this you will need to use good copy, texts that speak directly to you to the emotional part and other paragraphs to the rational part.

How are we going to do it?

Steps we are going to follow

SEO: If we are going to create content, you better optimize it for search engines.

Facebook: Almost all audiences are on Facebook, and you can get very cheap traffic. It is essential that you also create a fan page related to the product or service you are going to position and make several posts related to that product or service for when a visitor clicks that there is content to show.

Create a system

Create complementary content to the product. If, for example, you are selling 30 days of diet with juices (is an example). You can create a PDF with the three tips to make the best juice, and at the end of the product or article, but the affiliate link to your product. This technique is called the lead magnet.

While product promotion is essential, so is “matching” the offer to your lead magnet.

Email marketing

This is where things start to get interesting. If a user leaves you their email, you have 30% of the sale made.

If a user leaves their email address, it means that they have begun to place trust in you and that they are interested in what you are offering them.

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