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How do I select the best Click Bank Product for 2021?

How do I select the best Click Bank Product for 2021?

How do I select the best Click Bank Product for 2021?

The first thing we must do to earn money through ClickBank is to understand how the system works, which is not complicated.

We have to learn how to choose the best products and know-how to capture the possible commission filters to maximize our profits.

 Factors to analyze a Clickbank product 

The following factors are essential in choosing the best and most profitable Clickbank products. They require special attention on your part to avoid wasting money, time, and effort when starting your work.

Commission factor 

  • Commissions are the juiciest! However, you and I know that “ not all that glitters is gold.”
  • Some products offer commissions of 75% and are priced at $ 7 … it does not seem to be that attractive. So the question you want to ask here is: How much am I going to earn in total?

Put in memory that you can advertise products that pay only once. Some do it for additional and recurring sales.

 Image quality coherence factor 

The quality of the product that we are going to promote is critical. Here you should pay close attention.

Take a look at the magnifying glass you created to take a closer look at the sales page, where you will send it to your customers via your hop link.

  • Does the product provide a possible solution to the stated problem?
  • As it does? What benefits will the buyer get?
  • Who or who are the authors? Do they exist? Are they professionals?
  • Is the product page neat, uncluttered, and trustworthy?
  • Is the writing simple, engaging, coherent, and easy on the eye?
  • Is it legible in different sizes?
  • If you have a video: how is the audio, what images does it have, how it ends.
  • What are the free bonuses?

You must study every corner of the product since it is the most effective and accessible tool.

 Sales probability factor 

Clickbank’s always controversial Gravity fact gives us an idea of the sales of each product. So also competition.

When there is a lot of competition, the commissions go down. So never take this factor as crucial in your product selection. On the contrary, it is interesting to know the level of sales of a product.

Another great thing to know if the product will sell is the solution-price ratio. If the price is very high, then the sales will be less. On the other hand, if it is very low, the sales may be more. But the commissions will be tiny.

Find a product where the price is balanced and what your customers can afford.

 Commitment factor 

This factor is crucial because it represents the level of commitment of the product’s creator towards all its affiliates.

If you are a newbie, look for a quality product that offers various tools for affiliates such as banners, emails, articles, alternative pages, etc.

Search the Clickbank marketplace or, in general, at the bottom of the product page to link your promotional tools.

The absence of an affiliate section may mean that the creator or author does not have affiliate marketing in mind or experience.

 The products you should NEVER choose 

Suppose the product has any of the following characteristics.

  • Other forms of payment. If the customer purchases using PayPal or Western Union: there are no commissions.
  • When requesting an email, you must make sure that it respects your affiliate link.
  • If your hoplink ends in a blog or a store, think better of looking for one that ends in a solution.
  • of the product sales page has links to any page other than the payment page. Worse, it lacks the button to buy.
  • Without the significant commissions, your business will never be successful.
  • If what the product proposes is impossible.
  • If it doesn’t fit in my market segment.
  • If the product page is in another language or is translated.

The idea is to select the three best products within your category quickly. 

Step ONE

Choose The Best Clickbank Products as follows:

  • The product that has the most gravity.
  • The most popular product.
  • The product that offers the most commission.

Step TWO 

You must “Remove from your list” those products that contain the factors that you should never choose.


Now, take note of the quality of the product. You can do it on paper or, better, a spreadsheet.

Those that remain 

What is the average percentage per sale? (Avg.% / Sales)

  • How do you pay commissions?
  • Only one time, for each sale after the first sale or recurringly? 3.
  • Are the website and the product of quality, with a good image, with consistency?
  • Is the price of the product balanced, high, or too small?
  • Do you have too much competition?

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