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Comprehensive Guide To Profit From Clickbank In 2021

Comprehensive Guide To Profit From Clickbank In 2021

Few years ago, Shopify or routes shipping were not as popular as our time. Whenever it was at that time it was the affiliate and exactly the most famous platform in this field, “Clickbank”. By this platform alone, many marketers were able to achieve their financial freedom and invest their profits in other areas …

Does this mean that Clickbank has died?

Not at all, the whole thing is that our friends follow the wave and the wave of the age is “electronic commerce and routes shipping” …

With this large number of stores and course owners, there is an urgent need for Affiliateers more than ever, and the most beautiful of this competition is no longer as fierce as it was 5 years ago?

In this guide, we will share with you everything you will need to know in order to profit from Clickbank sponsorship by explaining the various methods that are used.

The Pros and Cons of Clickbank

In this comprehensive guide, we will talk about Clickbank for Affiliate, as everyone knows that if you are the owner of a specific product (course, program, book …), you can put it on the Clickbank platform, and the affiliate will be charged to market it to you, and the Clickbank company will take ($ 1 + 7.5%) Of the profits that you will achieve). But this guide is for people who want to work as a sponsor.

The disadvantages of Clickbank

It is true that the Clickbank platform is a global company and marketers have made respectable sums from it, but we must mention to you the disadvantages of this platform before starting (so that the credibility remains between us?)

  • Even if you find a good product, their sales page remains disastrous (Sales Pages). This will negatively affect your sales even if the product is great, especially if you use “Direct linking”. Do not worry, there is a solution for this problem.
  • Often in products that sell well you will find fierce competition.
  • Even if you find “Gravity” high in the product you should try it for yourself (the product is often sold out and you can’t compete).
  • Selling Clickbank products is no longer as easy as it used to be.

Pros of Clickbank

Do not worry, even if the negatives are many, they are good for keeping competitors away from you, now let us share with you the bright side of Clickbank.

  • Often your commission is above 75%, so it is sufficient to sell 5 products per day to achieve more than $ 100 per day.
  • Since the Clickbank platform operates with a “CPS” system, meaning payment on sale, you can sell Clickbank products to all countries of the world, and this affects positively, especially if you use SEO or email marketing to promote Clickbank products.
  • You are not restricted to selling one product, there are hundreds of products in the same industry that you have chosen.

How to choose the product on Clickbank

After we know the pros and cons about the platform that we will work on, it is now time to choose the product.

In fact (according to our experience) you should choose the product according to the way you work and not vice versa.

In case that you are working in a travel niche, do not search for forex products because you do not understand in the field.


Choose the product in the format that you understand it and not vice versa!!

There are many factors that marketers adopt in choosing the product

  • The commission should be above $ 15 (because the average daily sales are 13 sales so we must guarantee $ 100 per day)
  • (Sales Funnel) should be fairly good, because it will be able to convert the traffic that it sent.
  • Products should have good reviews (because we don’t want to lose customers’ trust because of a product).
  • The Gravity of the product should be above 60, this is an indication that the product is selling well.
  • It is preferred that the “Upsell” mark be present in the product because this means additional gain for you. Often the “Upsell” is marked on a yellow arrow.

In fact, this is what most marketers focus on when choosing a promotion and it is not necessarily the same thing that everyone will focus on.

As for the codes in Clickbank products, they are just some of the information that you need to know before starting to market the product.

We have finished choosing the product, what do you think of starting the marketing stage for the product?

But before this, let’s get to know the marketing methods that most beginners do that cause them not to win a dollar from Clickbank.

Failed marketing methods for Clickbank products

Did you know that the Clickbank store has more than 500,000 Affiliate marketers for its products every month, but what you do not know is that only 10% of marketers are the ones who bring in sales while only the remaining 90% are moving from one product to another because we think that the problem is in the product?

Product page direct ads

Unfortunately promoting Clickbank products without a website is not as easy as you think. Most of the marketers do an ad on Facebook Ads, and everyone who clicks on the ad goes to the product page. Most of the time the targeting is not accurate and in some cases the Facebook Ads account is closed.

It is true that the commission that you earn from marketing Clickbank products is very large. As mentioned, it can reach more than $ 80 per sale, but this does not mean that your promotion of these products is only through an advertising campaign for the product page.

Create a general blog

We do not deny that making a “review” of Clickbank products is one of the best ways to obtain sales …


Most of the beginners have been creating a general blog, and when we ask them why is such a blog?

They say: so as not to be confined to one product and to do “reviews” for more products and make more profits.

Ultimately the month ends with not achieving a single sale.

Trivial mistakes

Sorry, but if you are one of the people who do “Banners” on their site or articles and are waiting for results. Also, there are people who do an “anchor-text” for a specific word such as “Weight loss” and are waiting for the customer to click on it and buy the product without convincing them … So, let me tell you “We will wait a lot without results.”