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How Master ClickBank from Scratch

How Master ClickBank from Scratch

A large number of individuals – especially young people – are now seeking to work through the Internet and earn money, and one of the most important areas of profit through the Internet is the field of commission marketing, and the best sites to start commissions marketing and make money is ClickBank, as it is within Famous sites specializing in promoting products in exchange for commissions, which are used by more than 200 million people in more than 200 countries around the world, and in this article on our trading platform we offer you a complete explanation about ClickBank from scratch to professionalism.

What is ClickBank?

ClickBank is one of the most famous sites specialized in profit from the Internet through affiliate marketing. ClickBank was founded in 1998 and is based in the United States.

What is ClickBank used for?

ClickBank is used in product marketing, one of the most famous sites in the field of promoting and marketing products and obtaining commission, Click Bank includes many products that you can work on marketing and start profit.

For the product owner, he is able to display his products and get marketers for his own products, thus obtaining a percentage of sales. As for the marketers themselves, they profit by choosing the right product to promote him in return for receiving a commission for each successful sale.

ClickBank from zero to professional

First | Register on ClickBank

In order to be able to start earning from ClickBank, you must first create an account on the site, and the steps for registering on the Clickbank site can be summarized in the following steps:

  1. Go to ClickBank by searching for it on Google.
  2. Click on Sign Up and fill out the registration form with your required information.
  3. After completing the registration, you can go to your start page, set up your account, link it to any product, and start marketing in exchange for the commission that you will get when anyone buys from your affiliate link.

Second | Connect your account to one of the products offered on ClickBank

After you register on the site and create your own account, you will need to link your account with one of the products offered on ClickBank, and obtain your own affiliate, in order to start the marketing process and start earning from the site, and you can link your account to one of the products through the following steps:

  1. Log into your account on the site, you will find a number of niches or products.
  2. Choose the niche or product that suits you, then choose the product you want to market
  3. Choose the offer that suits you, then press the red button until you get your affiliate link.

Third | How to choose the right product on ClickBank to start marketing and profit

A large percentage of affiliate marketers fail to make money through ClickBank, not because they have weak marketing skills, but because they promote the wrong offer. This indicates that they have chosen a product that they do not know any information about.

Thus, the correct selection of the products that you will promote in exchange for a commission must be from the products in which you understand or possess some information that qualifies you to market them well, and there are a number of main things that you must take into account when choosing the product that you will promote About it, where:

  • Your marketing commission for that product should start from $ 15, so if your average daily sales are 10 sales, then you are guaranteed to get $ 150 per day.
  • And the Sales Funnel for the product should be fairly good.
  • The product that you will be promoting must have good reviews, so that you do not lose the trust of your customers.
  • The Gravity of the product should be above 60 This is an indication that the product is selling well.
  • It is preferred that the Upsell sign be present in the product, as this means that you have an additional benefit.

Fourth | Metrics that help you choose a good ClickBank product

In order to find out which product offer can maximize your profits, you should look for these metrics in the available offers, where:

  • Initial $ / sale: represents the commission earned (in dollars) by the subsidiary company for selling the product.
  • Avg $ / sale: This metric represents the average money (in dollars) that the subsidiary has earned in return for its sales.
  • Avg $ / sale: is the average referral commission percentage a seller provides for his offer or product.
  • And Avg Rebill Total: If the offer contains products with recurring billing cycles, this metric shows the average commission the affiliate marketer earned.
  • Avg% / Rebill: This is the average referral commission percentage determined by the seller.
  • Grav: The scale indicates the approximate number of affiliates that have successfully promoted the product or offer. The higher the number, the greater the chances of profit.

Different Strategies Used To Make Money From ClickBank

In the field of digital marketing, the most important thing in every marketing campaign you do is the amount and quality of the visits resulting from that campaign, and the extent to which you benefit from those visits in promoting products. Have successful sales been made or not?

Thus, to obtain effective digital marketing, the marketer must be developing a good strategy, as the correct marketing or promotion strategies open you thousands of doors of visits, and in general there are two types of promotion or marketing strategies, as:

  • Free promotion strategies, which will help you learn how to make money and effective marketing completely free of charge, without you having to spend any money, but free promotion strategies take a lot of time to generate sales.
  • Paid promotion strategies, which will help you learn how to make money and also be effective marketing, but by investing an amount of money, they are the best ways to get quick promotion and better results, and thus more commissions.

It is worth noting that simply copying your affiliate link and pasting it on different channels will not guarantee sales or success, there are a number of things that you must consider before starting the promotion process and following one of the strategies, where:

  • Gather the target audience contact details for that product before purchasing the product itself and starting a business strategy.
  • Introduce the audience to the product you are promoting in terms of its benefits and uses.
  • Make a promotion with an unprecedented offer of the product you are promoting, through videos, charts and more.

The first strategy to make money from ClickBank:

Website Promotion & SEO

If you are new in the field of digital marketing, the best strategy you can start with is to create a website, and thus provide a digital presence for you through which you can display the products that you are marketing to through your referral link, that is, you can create your own website or launch a blog on Free platforms like, then do SEO and content marketing for your blog.

And you can use free tools to improve the performance of search engines for free, by using a free tool to search for the keywords of the product that you want to promote, and once you have keywords with low competition, you can write an article using those keywords, and there are two types of blogs. Which you can use, where:

  • Lists: Means articles based on lists, such as “5 Best Fat Burning Techniques in 2020” or “Best Hair Extension Product”.
  • Reviews: You can also create a blog to review the products that includes the pros, cons and prices of the products you are promoting.

The second strategy to make money from ClickBank:

Promotion by creating videos

The idea of ​​promoting using videos is one of the most successful promotional methods, and there is a large percentage of individuals who prefer to watch videos about digital products before starting to browse or buy them, and through the video you can convey and explain all the main points about that product, and you must Your video content focuses on how viewers benefit from what you offer instead of selling it directly, and you can of course add your referral link in the description of the video, and there are a number of means that you can publish your video on, such as: YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, and others.

The third strategy to make money from ClickBank:

Promote via Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the most visited sites daily, and it allows publishing images with adding links as well, and you can use all of this to promote the product you are working on, so you post pictures related to the display of the product that you are promoting, and put a special referral link You have above the image, and if you own a website or blog and make a promotional article for the product, you can place the article link over the pictures and thus get visits to your site and improve its ranking on the one hand, and get a number of sales for the product that you are promoting on the other hand.

Promote via search engines and PPC sites

PPC sites are sites that display ads and pay users to click and see those ads, and that type of site is one of the most prominent ways to promote any kind of offers, products, etc., through paid ads on PPC sites, and this is widely used by top affiliate marketers because it ensures an influx of your target audience. As for search engine marketing, ad space will be allocated on the search engine results pages and fill it with your ad copy based on the targeted keywords, and you can resort to PPC sites or ads through search engines such as Google AdSense, which allows you to display your ads on various websites, and by using the appropriate search engine to advertise through it, you will be able to quickly recover your invested money.