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The best affiliate program for 2021

The best affiliate program for 2021

Do you desire to earn money with affiliate marketing? The key to success is having the best programs with companies and products that are genuinely profitable. We have reviewed the best affiliate programs of 2021 and show you how to get started and how much you can earn.

What is an affiliate program?

Our blog has talked several times about affiliate marketing because it is one of the best ways to earn money with a website (and an online job that you can start today).

So we will not get too wrapped up in his explanation.

In short, an affiliate system is a platform that connects sellers and webmasters where the latter recommend products or services of the former in exchange for a commission for each sale or any other agreed action, such as:

  • Subscription to a newsletter.
  • Fill in the contact form.
  • Click on a banner.
  • Etc.

Although, of course, the most common thing is that the purchase of a product or service.


  • Minimum payment amount: $10
  • Payment methods: Check, Amazon gift cards

This is the most famous affiliate program to earn money online. It is highly recommended for beginners because it is relatively easy to get accepted.

You will be paid to promote products in the United States ( ), Mexico ( Amazon. MX ), Spain ( ), Brazil ( ), and Latin America.

The Amazon affiliate program is straightforward to use. It has a wide variety of products that you can choose from and promote. Best of all, you’ll be working with the largest store in the world, known for its excellent customer service and ease of use.

The payment threshold is very low, and the registration process is simple. However, the commission rates are pretty low. Still, it is a good starting point (especially if you start making money online).

Best of all, the Amazon affiliate program requires no sales to make money. You can earn income with Amazon’s ” bounties ” or particular goals. These will pay you to promote special Amazon programs (like Amazon Prime ).


  • Minimum payment amount: $10
  • Payment methods: Check or bank transfer

The eBay affiliate program can give you commissions of up to 10% -15%. These are some of the highest commissions on our list. Great commissions, but their terms and conditions are stringent.

This affiliate program also allows you to promote products on social networks (such as Instagram or Pinterest), on your blog or website, and earn money for each product sold through your link.

Getting started making money with the eBay affiliate program is straightforward. There are endless amounts of great products to promote, including popular trending products and eBay daily deals.

Commissions you can earn with the eBay affiliate program:

  • Clothing / Accessories: 15%
  • House and kitchen: 10%
  • Electronics and technology: 4%
  • Digital and electronic products: 4%
  • Books: 10%


  • Minimum payment amount: $10
  • Payment methods: Check or PayPal

ClickBank is one of the oldest and most reputable affiliate networks. This affiliate marketing network offers unique benefits to earn money online.

What we like the most is its high commission rate. It is possible to earn up to 75% of the sale price, and there are thousands of products to choose from.

This affiliate program has 6 million digital products in more than 20 categories, reaching 200 million people worldwide. However, you must be careful when choosing these products because many of them are not reliable.

There are also a ton of products sold regularly, which means a great source of recurring income for you, as well as products with upsell options to help increase your revenue.

ClickBank pays weekly or monthly, and the minimum amount is also very low.


  • Minimum payment amount: $16
  • Payment methods: bank transfer

AliExpress is a store that allows you to buy in China from almost any country. They have a very generous affiliate program, and registration is effortless, so there is no problem trying it out.

It is also effortless to implement if you have a WordPress blog. They have a plugin that allows you to easily import AliExpress products in bulk to your WordPress site.

The AliExpress affiliate program is a relatively easy way to earn money online by promoting Chinese products. Although not all products are worth it, many of them are of outstanding quality. We recommend checking the seller’s reputation and product reviews before promoting it.

 Commission Junction

  • Minimum payment amount: $50 per transfer or $100 per check
  • Payment methods: Check or bank transfer

Commission Junction (CJ) is one of the most trusted affiliate networks in the world. Among its companies, you will find many of the best-known brands in the world.

By registering for free and being approved, you can choose any program from its extensive advertiser’s list. They have great reporting features, and they always pay on time every month.

However, getting approval from advertisers to promote a program can be difficult because advertisers are often high-end. It takes a fair amount of traffic to be accepted, and there are strict conditions to remain an affiliate.