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What are SMM and the main principles of success?

What are SMM and the main principles of success?

SMM promotion in social networks, along with other types of advertising, most often targeted and contextual advertising, forms the basis of many marketing strategies. Often, marketers decide in favor of SMM alone – for some brands, working with social networks, direct communication with the client is more than enough.

In fact, SMM is a complex of actions, consisting of community management and a subscriber base. This is a memoir about content and effective synergy with people. The acronym holds for SMM and actually indicates Social Media Marketing.

Although targeted advertising is an integral part of SMM, it is a more mechanical part of it. The marketer keeps his distance from the audience. In contrast, in a broad sense, SMM implies constant interaction through updated content, encouraging users to distribute it. This is also engagement management – you need to constantly maintain the growing interest of users.

Who is SMM promotion suitable for?

SMM promotion is successfully used in completely different directions, and the results are calmly tracked in end-to-end analytics systems.

SMM tasks

Tasks that a well-built SMM strategy can handle:

  • Increased conversion. SMM helps promote the resource by increasing the number of unique visitors.
  • Promotion of seasonal sales. Marketers are engaged in sending letters, and unique sales offer through various instant messengers and social networks.
  • Expansion of potential target audience. Bringing new clients to your profile from other sources.
  • Increasing awareness. It occurs after working with company positioning and a correctly configured target.
  • A story about the company’s values: if you are doing charity work, it is worth talking about it to get a positive reputation.
  • Creation of an attractive image for the consumer. To do this, they carefully think over and develop a content plan, demonstration of achievements, awards, reviews, and more.

Who is an SMM specialist, and what skills he should have

An SMM specialist is responsible for the creation of visual, textual content and for its promotion. Its task is to convey information about a product or service to the target audience through social networks. He works on positioning, improves reputation, increases reach.

When choosing an SMM specialist, pay attention to his skills, he must:

  • Be well versed in new technologies;
  • know the basics of community management;
  • have communication skills;
  • apply creativity and imagination;
  • know the automation tools and algorithms of Instagram;
  • have analytical skills;
  • set up a target, work with bloggers;
  • be able to interest the product;
  • Be able to develop long-term strategies.

Main principles of success

It is important that an SMM specialist initially has a strong-willed character, self-discipline, and self-organization skills. Due to the dynamics of the development of the direction, changes in the algorithms of social networks, it is necessary to keep abreast of the latest news and increase the level of knowledge in the field of promotion. Upgrading skills and abilities will be the key to success for a marketer.

SMM tools

The following tools for promotion on social networks are distinguished:

  • Content marketing is the foundation of SMM. The better the text or visual content, the more effective the rest of the tools work.
  • Working with bloggers. To do this, you need to be able to negotiate to advertise. It is better to look for bloggers on your own to save on the services of an agency or an intermediary.
  • Facebook offers. In the offer, in the news feed, there are coupons with promotions, discounts on products that the group’s subscribers can use. It is important to set the duration of the promotion. On Facebook, this tool has virtual functionality.
  • Circular advance. Announcement of the launch of a new channel in a popular account. For example, you have a ready-made base for e-mail distribution. You inform in the format of a newsletter about the opening of a new representative office.
  • Contests. Conducted to attract subscribers.
  • Hashtags. Only attract the target audience.
  • Video broadcasts. This is good content that allows you to convey important information to subscribers and increase trust in Instagram, Twitter, and other venues.

Stages of SMM implementation in social networks

Defining goals

It is assumed that SMM is resorted to for several main purposes:

  • Increase sales;
  • Create a community;
  • Conduct research;
  • Organize an event;
  • Share your creativity.
  • There can be many goals, and for their correct setting, it is recommended to use the SMART system.