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Why should we Learn Affiliate Marketing?

Why should we Learn Affiliate Marketing?

Do you desire to earn money from affiliate marketing?

The promotion of affiliate products is one of the most effective ways to make money on your blog. But many bloggers are still too scared to try.

If you choose a reliable affiliate program that you know and love and then market it properly, you will find that you can create a long-term (relatively) stable income source.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a blogging monetization technique where product companies encourage bloggers and publishers to recommend their products by offering them a commission for every sale they link.

The easiest way to find the product you want to promote is to join an affiliate program like ShareASale, Amazon Associates, or Commission Junction and browse their site.

After choosing a product, you can get an affiliate/referral link and promote the product through that link on your blog.

Why should we learn affiliate marketing?

Why start with affiliate marketing? Here are a few advantages over other ways to make money from your blog.

Benefit No. 1: Monetize your blog from day one

To start monetizing your new blog, you don’t have to wait a few months until you have a huge following. Even if you monetize your blog from day one, it doesn’t look amateur because affiliate links integrate seamlessly and naturally with your content.

Benefit No. 2: Earn Money Even Without Mass Followers

Unlike other monetization methods like advertising, you don’t need to grow a massive traffic base to start earning a solid income. All you have to do is make sure your site is attracting the RIGHT traffic that really wants to read your product recommendations.

Benefit No. 3: Earn MORE money

With affiliate marketing, you earn money based on the number of successful referrals you attract. For example, suppose you were able to successfully recommend a premium product like WPForms. In that case, you can earn up to $ 59.90 per referral.

Let’s say your affiliate’s conversion rate is 2%. This means that two people actually buy the product for every 100 referrals you send to the affiliate site. This also implies despite the size and reliability of your site. You can earn $ 100 from those two referrals, provided the affiliate commission is $ 50 per sale.

Now let’s see how much you can make from advertising.

The average CPC for Adsense, the largest ad network in the world, ranges from $ 0.15. The average CPC you can earn from Adsense depends on many different factors, including your website’s size and reputation.

For example, suppose your average CPC is $ 0.25. In that case, you could earn $ 25 per 100 ad clicks, whereas, with the affiliate marketing example above, you can potentially make $ 100. Affiliate marketing is without a doubt the best way to make MORE money.

Benefit  No. 4: You don’t require a lot of cash to get started:

Many people avoid venturing into new waters when it comes to undertaking or finding a new income source due to financial constraints or money problems. Affiliate marketing is not the same.

It is a fairly reasonable business opportunity, and nothing prevents you from starting. There are several advantages of affiliate marketing.

You don’t need a lot of resources to get started with affiliate marketing compared to other endeavors.

All you need is access to the Internet and some money to spend on advertising!

If you’re tech-savvy, that might give you an edge in the game, but it’s essentially not a requirement.

Similarly, suppose you’ve already blogged and created content on the Internet. In that case, you may have an advantage, but many people have still done reasonably well without either skill.

Benefit No. 5: The affiliate marketing industry is extensive:

This is an industry with a lot of breadth and depth. Its scope is immense and very profitable. It can be worth more than a billion dollars.

Since it is a vast field, you can promote almost anything, whatever it is. This allows you to work in an area that you master and that you like.

 Benefit No. 6: One of the benefits of affiliate marketing that I like the most is this: the flexibility and freedom it gives you:

It doesn’t matter if your focus in affiliate marketing is to generate an extra income or a full-time one. You can gain a considerable amount of freedom, independence, and flexibility.

Unlike any other ordinary job, affiliate marketing allows you to make some decisions on your own, like choosing your hours and when you want to work.

Similarly, you can take your days off and even decide who you want to associate or work with.

The environment and the schedule can be chosen according to your comfort so that you can maximize and optimize your productivity.

Benefit No. 7: You can take it as a secondary source of income:

Affiliate marketing doesn’t have to be the only way to earn income.

In fact, if you already have a job and don’t want to quit but still need some extra money, affiliate marketing may be the best option for you!

You can use it to make extra money without any pressure to do something great upfront, as you already have a supporting income.

This means that you can be much more relaxed with your endeavor and can take some time to discover the method and strategy that work best for you.

However, if you decide to make it your primary source of income, it very well could be, and it can earn you money faster than it takes to look for a job.

These are the reason we should acquire affiliate marketing.


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