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CPA Guide: A Step-By-Step to Make More Profit

CPA Guide: A Step-By-Step to Make More Profit

Why We Need a CPA Guide?

Why we need a CPA guide? The field of CPA marketing offers is one of the sub-fields of affiliate marketing, and one of the best ways to profit from the Internet for beginners because of its relative ease and reasonable and very satisfactory financial return. In today’s article, I am going to share a detailed CPA guide.

As the requirements for obtaining a commission are not expensive for the visitor who clicks on your link. And it is quite the opposite when marketing with a commission to one of the e-commerce sites such as and Jumia, which requires the visitor to make a purchase with a financial amount to buy any item, and so the commission is calculated for your account.

CPA is an acronym for Cost Per Action, and its literal translation is (price or commission for action or action).

And for every successful operation that the visitor performs through your link, this process has a specific price that may range from a few cents to a few dollars, and it is not a percentage commission. It does not depend on the price paid upon purchase, as is the case in the marketing programs in the above-mentioned sites.

Thus, each CPA Bid has a predetermined price.

CPA Guide: What are CPA offers? 

If you want to profit from the CPA, you must market these offers, among the most famous of these offers:

Pin Submit

This type of type requires the visitor to use his phone number to send a message to a specific destination, which may be the advertiser’s side, or it may be another.

And when the visitor does that, you get the commission and the advertiser gets the visitor’s phone number.

(For example) to add it to its database of phone numbers, which it uses to send other marketing offers.

Credit Card Submit

This type requires the visitor to enter his credit card information, and when he does that, you get a commission, which may be relatively high for this type of offer.

Most advertisers of this type offer a trial period for their service, but it requires registration of credit card information and the visitor does not pay any amount during the trial period.

Email Submit

These types of offers are among the easiest offers to promote them. All the visitor has to do is enter his email address to get you the commission.

The advertiser subsequently sends promotional offers by e-mail.


Or PPD, and this type of offer requires the visitor to download an application, such as the application or games.

And when the plastic surgery is completed, you will receive a commission.

How does CPA work? A Step by Step CPA Guide

In order to understand how this field works, we must know who the partners and stakeholders are in this field and what is the function of each one of them.

1- The advertiser

The advertiser is the most important component of these components and is the main source of income for this field. Without it, there are no profits from this field, because the advertiser wants to advertise his products, links, or pages.

But he may not find the time or the staff to do the marketing process he needs for success, and for this he will need to do the marketing process through an external source, who is the mediator.

2- The mediator

The mediator is the CPA companies that receive the offers, present them to the publishers, and manage the entire marketing system.

It is the one that provides publishers with all the information they need to carry out the promotion process, and it sets the advertising prices for advertisers and the commission value for the publishers.

It also provides publishers with a control panel to manage their business with the company, and it pays commissions all at once for all successfully marketed offers.

Among the most famous of these companies:

  • MaxBounty
  • CPAGrip
  • Peerfly

And a lot of other companies that offer these offers, and as a beginner, it may be difficult to register in some of these companies because of their requirements for publishers, but there are very good companies that accept all beginners.