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Profit From Blogging – How To Make $ 1000 A Month

Profit From Blogging – How To Make $ 1000 A Month

In this article “Profit from Blogging”, we will get acquainted with one of the most important methods of profit from the Internet, which is blogging. Blogging is the best profit method you can start with. We know that you have read many articles that talk about profit from blogging and about profit from the Internet in general.

But in this article, we will talk about the field of blogging and why it is considered the best field to start in. Blogging may be the most widespread field in the world and the reason for this is that blogging opens the doors to other profit methods wide open for you once you succeed in your blog.

So, if you are one of the people who want to profit from the next week or next month, this topic is not for you, this topic is for people who are looking for a way to work on the Internet and they do not care how much effort or time they will spend for that. Blogging is the right field for you

What is blogging and why is it the best place to start?

There are two main types of blogging, namely, visual blogging, which is what we see on YouTube and a video-viewing website, and the other type is written blogging, which is what we see on most internet sites, which is what we will talk about in the article “Profit from Blogging.”

It is converting any idea, information, or topic that you have knowledge of and the familiarity with it into written, readable and useful content and provides an added value to the visitor. Existence of knowledge and familiarity with a field of fields, such as tourism, self-development, series, movies, etc.

Knowledge here is the main key to the success of the blog, and without any knowledge and random writing, the content that you will come out with will not be of quality and will not provide any added value to the visitor, it is okay if you do not have any knowledge in a field, at the present time you can learn and research through the Internet, the Internet It is the best place to learn.

Why blogging is the best area to profit from the Internet

We want you to think about any profitable field in the Internet that you might think of now, and also think what is the main thing that will enable you to succeed in it!!

Do you have a risk area in your mind? Well, think in another area and also think what is the main thing for success in it!

Well, we do not want you to think too long, for example, the field of commission marketing is one of the areas of profit from the Internet, which is a very profitable field and when you succeed in it, you will have built for yourself a source of income and you can turn it into the main source with ease.

Well, what is the key to being successful in affiliate marketing? Of course, they are the visitors! And visitors are the basis for profit from the Internet in all different fields, without visitors, your electronic project will never succeed.

You will not find customers buying your products or the products you are promoting, or even the ads that appear to them. Visitors = profit.

Profit from blogging depends on having a successful blog that forms a visitor base that you can use to market to various profit areas from the simplest to the most complex,

It is 100% free, as a successful blog gets visitors through search engines, and it is the main source of visitors that must be taken care of, unless you want to rely on investing in advertising campaigns, which is a good thing, but it is very expensive.

So, imagine that you own a blog that brings you free visitors from search engines and are interested in the niche you work in. Do you think that other areas of profit will be difficult and complicated? Such as affiliate marketing, drop shipping, CPA, etc., of course not.

The existence of a successful blog is the basis and the basis for success in profit from the Internet

Unfortunately, many people want a way to profit quickly from the Internet, we do not say that this thing is a myth or impossible, but you have to be proficient in some skill such as design and programming in order to be able to profit quickly,

As for blogging, you will need an electronic blog, knowledge and knowledge of a field, in addition to the SEO skill, which is the most important skill in profit from the Internet, do not worry, the skill of seo is not complicated or impossible as you read or hear, it is simply several steps that you should take care of when creating the blog is only when writing topics, and later comes the topic of building backlinks, which is easier than you think.

Ways to Profit From Blogging

Ways to profit from blogging are many and varied, and all of them are effective ways to profit, and you need good topics and also to appear in search engines to get visitors. We will mention some of the most important ways to profit from blogging, and you can see other ways to profit from your blog through this topic that you previously published.

Displaying ads on the blog

This method is one of the most popular methods especially in the world, after you can get continuous visitors to your blog, registering with advertising companies is the next step for profit and the largest company in this field is Google Adsense, which is rich in definition, and it is the most profitable company among other companies. Working in the same field.

The types of ads vary, the most important of which are banners and ads within the topic, and the method for calculating profits varies from one company to another, as Google Adsense calculates profits for each click and for every thousand impressions of the advertisement on your website, and this is the reason why Google Adsense is the most profitable company, unlike the prevalence of other companies.

In general, the blog that gets 20 thousand visitors a day can earn more than 1000 dollars a month with ease, and if it is a blog with foreign content, the profits are more and more.


Imagine, there is a blog interested in weight loss, healthy nutritional recipes or bodybuilding, and the owner of the weight loss blog wanted to start the affiliate or affiliate marketing project, so all he has to do is search for a product and promote it on his blog through a fixed banner at the top of the page or from During writing a topic to review this product or any other way.

The field of weight loss has a lot and a lot of affiliate products that can be promoted on the blog, the products vary between guide books or digital products such as the one we see on the Clickbank website, or concrete sports equipment or weight-loss nutritional recipes, etc., all of these products can be promoted easily when You own a weight loss blog.

There are many different fields and each field has its own products, not only the field of weight loss or sports, there is also the field of travel or the field of pets or the field of decoration, all of these areas will be profitable for every blog owner who is interested in them.

Selling your own products

When you are building a successful blog and building a visitor base who are interested in your content, it is okay to offer additional services to your readers.

If you are a practitioner of yoga, you can create a product on how to do yoga in order to increase focus, sleep better, or get rid of anxiety and tension, if you go to the Clickbank website, you can browse the digital products in Yoga and you can notice that each product explains the method of practicing yoga for a specific purpose and you can see the amount of popularity these products get.

The products are not limited to their digital form, you can sell tangible products or your own paid courses or even provide special advice in your field in which you work.

Or you can even promote tangible products by directing your visitors to your dropshipping store, as you can see, the methods and methods are different and varied and all you need from you is a successful blog.

Steps to profit from blogging

In order to create a successful blog, there are steps that you must do correctly in order to ensure the greatest chance for success. We will mention the basic steps that you need in order to succeed. Each step is an important step and must be done correctly in order to succeed.

Choose the appropriate blog topic

In order to be able to profit from blogging, you must choose the niche that best suits you, and despite the simplicity of this step, many beginners make mistakes when doing this step,

Also, although this step is simple, but if it was done wrongly, it will largely rule out failure on your project. You must be careful when choosing a niche, and you must define the niche based on several criteria, the most important of which is Do you have tendencies for this niche in order to be able to create good content?

Is there a demand from Internet surfers for this thread or not, and based on these criteria and several other criteria, the process of selecting the appropriate thread is made?

Choosing one specialty is better than working randomly on different niches, as Google prefers websites that specialize in a specific niche and does not prefer websites that create content randomly, even if the content is of high quality, the preference is currently in the specialty.

Create the website

After choosing the appropriate niche, we now come to the step of creating the website, which is the easiest step and you should not be concerned about it. You can create the website within a few minutes on WordPress or on Blogger, then buy a domain that expresses the blog niche you have chosen.