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7 Best Affiliate Marketing Websites In 2021

7 Best Affiliate Marketing Websites In 2021

Have you heard a lot about the field of affiliate marketing and the websites through which many young people achieve very large profits, but you do not have an idea about the best profitable affiliate marketing websites?

Do not worry, in this guide you will find the best and most successful affiliate marketing websites and companies in the digital world.

According to Statista, business spending on affiliate marketers in the world is expected to reach $ 8.2 billion by 2022.

Therefore, the field of affiliate marketing is considered a field in the process of growth and prosperity and its profits are constantly increasing, but it is not as easy as it is being marketed, and therefore if you want to earn your share in this field, this will require patience, persistence and continuity, and if you develop yourself in this field and Focused on it, be sure that you will achieve great profits through it and live the life you want financially.

But there is an important condition in order to increase your success rate in the field of commission marketing, which is choosing the right website or company for you and for your needs.

Therefore, the “” decided to write this comprehensive guide by collecting the 7 best affiliate marketing websites that currently exist and share them with you to choose the appropriate website from them and be your stepping stone in the world of digitization, specifically affiliate marketing.

7 Best Affiliate marketing websites In 2021

Let’s go now to delve into the 7 best affiliate websites that you can benefit from and achieve a large and respectable income through them.

1.     ClickBank is one of the best affiliate websites in the world

It is not possible to talk about the best affiliate marketing websites without mentioning the global Clickbank website, it is one of the descendants of the affiliate networks since it was established in 1998.

Here are some numbers and amazing features about Clickbank:

  • More than $ 200 million in average sales annually
  • It has more than 270 categories and 21562 product listings, meaning that you will find all types and shapes of the products that you want to market
  • More than 140 million customers spread in 190 countries

Therefore, it is a website recommended by the largest affiliate marketers in the world, and this is normal, as it has:

Simplicity: It is very easy to subscribe, you can register within minutes without complications, conditions, or paperwork.

High commission rate: Clickbank pays a commission of up to 75% on every product sold through your referral link.

A large number of products: With thousands of products in all varieties, it provides its customers with many and unlimited choices of products

But there are also some drawbacks to this site:

Fierce competition for almost all of the products, so you must first obtain at least average traffic on your website in order for you to enter the world of competition.

Customer service is very slow and this is mainly due to the very large number of customers, it may take up to 6 days to respond to emails.

But with all these data, with their advantages and disadvantages, Clickbank remains a pioneer in the field of affiliate marketing and is very profitable for its customers, but it is one of the sites that require hard work and perseverance. There are countless and countless people like you who earn from 50 to 100 dollars a day on Click But, as we said and repeat it again, it requires patience and hard work.

2.     ShareaSale

ShareaSale was established in the year 2000 and is considered one of the first companies in the field of commission marketing, this company is distinguished by a good reputation and is subject to good reviews.

In addition to the presence of more than 2500 active merchants and more than 10 thousand products in almost all varieties, then your chance of having a good and winning product is very possible.

And among the best advantages of these sites is that it pays each potential customer, so a commission is paid to you every time the customer clicks on your referral link even if he does not buy, and of course you earn a very good commission rate when the visitor follows your link and then makes the purchase,

In addition to all of the aforementioned, ShareaSale guarantees your timely payments as well as monitoring and monitoring of merchant quality and credibility.

That is why ShareaSale is one of the most famous and strongest affiliate companies in the world.

3.     Amazon Affiliate

Everyone knows Amazon, as it is the only company on the Internet that can deliver any product, from books to drones, to your doorstep in a period not exceeding 24 hours.

That is why Amazon is a great starting point for beginners in the world of affiliate marketing.

Among the features and advantages of Amazon Affiliate is that it offers commissions on every product purchased through your link, even if it is not the product that you are marketing, for example you are shopping for a link that sells cameras and a customer clicked on your link but bought a computer or anything else, the commission will be calculated for you and this The feature is very cool in the world of affiliate because there is a high probability that the customer will buy into another product.

Also, as everyone knows, Amazon is a mine of products of all kinds and forms.

Downsides of Amazon Affiliate

Amazon commission rate is 10%, which is low compared to other sites

The cookie lasts for 24 hours only on the customer clicking on your link, so if you put a link to a product, and a visitor clicked on it, but did not buy within a period specified by Amazon in 24 hours after clicking, the commission will not be calculated to you.

But in general, Amazon Affiliate remains a good website in order to gain experience and get good capital to move to better sites and companies in the field of affiliate marketing.

4.     CJ Affiliate

This website is considered one of the best affiliate marketing websites because of its privileges and very great features,

In addition to being ranked 3 in the ranking of affiliate websites in the world after Clicbank and JVZoo, and this indicates the professionalism of this website and its importance in the world of affiliate.

This company includes countless products, and better than that, you may encounter large and pioneering companies in their field that promote their products there. If you develop your business and your project and have the opportunity to work with one of these companies, you will move to a higher level and fictional slots.

CJ Affiliate commission reaches 75%, moreover it supports Payoneer, bank transfer and check and these are convenient ways for the majority

That is why CJ Affiliate is a leader in affiliate marketing and has been in very advanced positions for many years.

5.     MaxBounty

If you are a former Affiliate Marketer and want to move to an advanced and professional level then the platform, we recommend you to join is MaxBounty,

Because it is considered one of the best professional commission marketing sites, and it also has many advantages, the most important of which is giving gifts to its customers.

The latter offers a gift of $ 1000 to each new marketer on the condition that he has achieved $ 1000 with them in the first 3 months

And also, other valuable gifts, and the more you achieve good sales and numbers with them, the better gifts you will get for the sake of motivation.

But the conditions for admission to the MaxBounty website remain professional as it is very strict and only searches for expert marketers, in addition to the fact that the approval process is more likely if you have a website that represents your own domain name and not a subdomain such as (wordpress / Blogger / Wix).

Therefore, MaxBounty is very impressive and its profits are high and fantastic, but it is for professionals or people with experience in the field of commission marketing.

6.     Fiverr Affiliate

Fiverr is the largest marketplace for digital services in the world, with more than 11 million active users spread in more than 170 countries.

In addition, it provides a very generous commission of up to $ 150 per sale, in addition to the ease of its program as it has a simple and uncomplicated dashboard.

It is a very suitable website for beginners as well as professionals because its profits and commissions are very impressive.

Some of the features and advantages of Fiverr Affiliate:

  • Payment methods: Paypal
  • Minimum Payout: $ 100
  • Commission rate: Minimum $ 15 and Maximum $ 150

7.     Ebay Affiliate

Here is a great and simple way to take advantage of this site, copy the link of ebay affiliate products on social media, your site, or your blog …,

And you will get a commission from every product sold through that link to your, the commission on eBay reaches 65% and it changes according to the price of the product that you are marketing

In addition to that everyone knows eBay and the endless products available on it in terms of varieties and types, and unlike other sites it is not subject to any strict rules, so you can register in it and start promoting your affiliate link from now without any conditions and in a quick way.