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How does Clickbank Affiliate work? Reviews and Opinions

How does Clickbank Affiliate work? Reviews and Opinions

Clickbank is one of the most used affiliate platforms around the world. In fact, on this site product numbers are proposed and the vastness of the catalog is one of the reasons for the success of this e-commerce.

This includes video games, infoproducts, ebooks, courses, membership, plugins, wordpress templates and much more. The Clickbank Affiliate System allows users to earn by earning commissions on sales generated by their ID.

In fact, the affiliate must insert promotional links on their website, social channel or blog. By clicking on them, the visitor can directly access the specific product sheet or a category page. The affiliate derives his earnings from the sales made through this access method.

Unlike what happens with other affiliate platforms, ClickBank provides different commissions depending on the type of product being purchased. They range from 25% up to 75% of the cost of the item. This is one of the largest percentages expected within this sector.

How to make a Clickbank affiliation

The Clickbank affiliation takes place through registration which is completely free. Once this operation is completed, the user accesses their Affiliate Control Panel where they can select the products they want to promote on their social page or on the website. You can browse the catalog or search by typing the keyword. Secondly, it is possible to filter by percentage of sales, language of the card and price.

To make it easier for affiliates to choose articles, the platform provides specific detailed statistics. In this way it is possible to know which products are selling the most. At this point, custom links (hop links) are created to be inserted within the texts. You have to choose the most suitable solution depending on the topic covered on the page or blog. The promotion system is based on Pay To Sale (PTS) as commissions are generated on sales made by your ID. Payments are made through the Payoneer card (supported by Mastercard) or bank transfer.

How to make money with Clickbank

Thanks to the high commissions, making money with Clickbank is easier than other network marketing platforms. However, it must be borne in mind that this mode always requires a lot of work. There are two factors that should not be overlooked and which are essential for achieving some success:

  • the emotional aspect. First of all, you need to have the right mental and emotional attitude. To carry out this promotional activity it is necessary to make numerous contacts and create a real network to have good visibility. The more people who follow the affiliate on social networks or read his blog, the more users who potentially click on the promotional link and purchase a Clickbank product.

For this reason, earnings presuppose a good blogging activity and, in this sector, it takes time to gain visibility and reputation. Consequently, it is necessary to think in the long term. Furthermore, it is necessary to remember that the affiliate networking system allows you to obtain a passive gain whose validity is prolonged;

  • the technical aspect. Affiliate netwoking consists of earning money by exploiting your online visibility to promote articles or other sites. Helping them sell more yields variable commissions. The user must publish quality content regularly, making sure that they are SEO optimized. In this way the texts are more easily indexed by search engines. If they appear in the first search results, you can increase traffic to your articles.

From here it is easier to direct readers to Clickbank products and pages. Consequently, one must learn to be productive, both from the point of view of quantity and quality. You need to know how to manage your time well without being interrupted by distractions of any kind. Secondly, it is good to know the web marketing tools.

Choose the target audience and create a professional website

To improve your performance, you need to build a professional website using the right tools. Secondly, you need to choose the right reference niche. In fact, the Clickbank catalog contains millions of products: the affiliate must decide who is the target audience of their blog and which articles they may be interested in.

It is also good to remember that not all user segments are the same: some niches are more profitable than others, even if it is necessary to offer you a selection of products that arouses your interest. Generally, the best results are obtained by opting for a target where competition from other sellers is low and who spend a certain amount of time researching purchases. The more specific and limited the niche referred to, the greater the filtering of links and articles to promote.

For example, you can do a search to see which are the major interests of the chosen niche. To drive traffic to your website it is possible to implement some strategies and tricks. For example, you can promote your blog through social networks, choosing the most suitable channels for the target audience and the chosen topic. Secondly, each social network has its own characteristics and must be published regularly.

Precisely because it is difficult to manage them all at the same time as the blog, it is good to select those that can give the most benefits, such as Instagram and Facebook. Therefore, it is possible to increase visibility by using tools such as Landing Pages and autoresponders with the aim of turning visitors into contacts, who can become potential customers. Another idea is to obtain the visitors’ e-mails.