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Skills needed to become a freelancer?

Skills needed to become a freelancer?


Do you want to build a highly effective and sustainable career? Are you looking to obtain extra income, ideally at home? If so, you can definitely choose an online-based freelancer career, without a doubt.

At the beginning of my topic, I was talking about freelance careers, which are not a regular employee role for a company or institution, but they are able to earn money independently by utilizing knowledge and skills. To start within this profession, you have to choose a single subject, which will depend on your knowledge, skills, and educational qualifications. But my personal recommendation is that you give more importance to your skills and own interest. Because if you have a strong commitment and feel enthusiastic but you are lacking in the related skills, then you are getting the chance to develop yourself gradually through the practical working experience. Here my logic is; human beings come to Earth, they do not arrive as a complete, ready-made product, they have to learn from their positive and adverse environments and have to use this gained knowledge properly.

If I ask you what kind of skills do you need to become a freelancer, your answer will surely be Software programming, Web design, Engineering; Graphic design, ASP development, English content writing, Proofreading, SEO, Photography, Virtual Assistance, Voiceover art, and so on. Secondly, if I ask you what quality and profession do you need for this, obviously your answer will be: Higher Education, Background mathematics or Science, Marketing Knowledge and Experiences, Previous job Experiences, Communication Skills, etc. Thirdly, if I ask- if you have a smart mobile, computer, and internet, of course your answer will be YES. If your answer is YES, then you’ll get all the resources from internet and will try them now properly. You may believe my speech or not, really, I’m fed up hearing this type of question and the nonsensical answers it has! What about you guys, I don’t know. Let me share my personal opinion by giving a small example, but of course it’s meaningful and you’ll get my answer to both questions as I have mentioned. My answer is:”NO” and “NOT required at all”. I’m sure that 99% of the people are not happy with this answer; right? In this way, just imagine a newly-born baby; how they came to Earth, how they breathe their whole life, even how they defend themselves naturally. By God’s gift, every man has knowledge, ideas and creativity. You need to explode these exclusively; you need to nurse them and follow the proper guidelines.

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