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Should Idealism be our Goal?

Should Idealism be our Goal?

Becoming fearless, hardcore, intolerant, theorist, does not work. Tolerance is to be shown by respecting the feelings of others. Becoming another devotee or being an unbeliever is both bad. It is wiser to pry life and explore life just as a swan. One has to be always aware.

If not, we will be called extremists. Extremist-ideal can present but can not lead.

Idealism should be our goal, our progress should be on the same side, but be careful! Such a big leap would not be taken in the immature state, which resulted in the torture of collapsing. A strong personality is needed to accomplish tough tasks. Strong personality have always patience. Embarrassing spellings or crawling do not achieve significant successes which are patient, who take conspicuous conscience and who adopt the policy of walking on the middle path by avoiding the urge of extremism.

Useful balanced actions are only edited by individuals who work in solidarity with regularity, persistence, and stability.

Loss of one-off development is a one-way development of man’s personality with mental imbalance. Each of us keeps trying to fit into a new mental state. If we cover our mental institution according to our own, home, professional environment, then we get happiness in the work and peace in the mind. Otherwise, our mind is insatiable and our soul remains uncertain.

For example, there are some ideas and facts about which we become jealous. We can not escape these ideas. In spite of them, we have to work in these anti-thoughts, we have to befriend them. Then we will get mental peace.

What is the reason for internal conflict in mind? Two opposing thoughts, two different approaches are raised on our mental horizon. We have to work without any of these two. Balance is the only solution to peace.

The person who steals is a person who does not have a mutual balance in his thoughts and inner intimacy. His tendency of greed and attachment suppresses the inner self. He leaves prolong the temptation, and himself also gets involved in it. The call of truth and justice is suppressed. There is a victory of sinful instincts. Devil children, boggling women, all are victims of this mental illness. They are not able to operate and balance the mental world properly. A disorder becomes so intense that discrimination becomes a part of their nature by suppressing intellect. The actions of the mind are divided into three parts, 1-spirit 2-thoughts 3-verbs. There are very few people in which the above three actions have complete harmony or full balance. If someone has a higher degree of emotion, then he is full of sentimentality. Her weakness is very sensitive. He sees a bit like making a palm of sesame.

Thoughts of the main person, the jugs of the philosophy continue to sink. Tons of imagination on his mind’s horizon was born on the horizon. Do the task of planning them well. But the names of the real work they are zero.